A single rope, tossed over a high, sturdy branch refers to a basic description of bear bagging, a practice of placing items attractive to a bear—such as food, scented products, or perishables—into a bag, to be raised out of reach. The project continued my ongoing investigation into the thingness of found objects and the inarticulable energies they can convey. If I know it is there, will it remain, and can audiences perceive it without caption? This question was assisted by the bag works in the exhibition, held in suspension through formal strategy and through a defamiliarization of their contents. The works demonstrate potentiality, activating as transitive paintings that attempt to convey social energies to the viewer in a layered approach, through internal and external passages.

Documentation by Curtis Grahauer:
Group 1 (2015), found fabric, found objects, rope, gesso, oil paint.

Door Knobs (2015), found fabric, found door, gesso, oil paint.

Group 3 (2015), found objects, gesso, oil paint, shelf.