Above and Beyond considered the notion of the arctic as metaphysical landscape through a collection of found and created artifacts. By co-opting and expanding on the symbolic forms of my father’s mythology, the project contemplated issues of authenticity and compensation. It took its name from a found Summer 1989 in-flight magazine for First Air, a Canadian airline that operates services to communities in Nunavut, Nunavik, and the Northwest Territories. The magazine was recovered from a storage locker in Regina, Saskatchewan, that had been rented by my father and left nearly untouched for 20 years. I gained access to the locker’s contents following his death in 2008.

Installation views of Above and Beyond (2012)

Above and Beyond (2012), house paint, carpet, shelves, objects, inkjet prints, fur, carved antler, gouache paintings on paper, ink drawings on vellum, map pins, bees, maple syrup, H75.75 x W75.75 inches.

Installation view of Vessel at Access Gallery (2012)