Installed at the Bruno Arts Bank for July of 2012, Canoe For Understanding served as an interactive site for research, creation, and contemplation. Town residents and visitors to Bruno, Saskatchewan, were encouraged to spend afternoons and evenings with me in my makeshift outdoor studio. The canoe fort was equipped with a library of texts, drawing materials, and lifejacket-shaped cushions for comfortable lounging.

The canoe was recovered from a storage locker in Regina, Saskatchewan, that had been rented by my estranged father and left nearly untouched for 20 years. I gained access to the locker's contents following his death in 2008.

Canoe For Understanding (2012), mixed media, dimensions variable.

Dragonfly Mandala (2012), gouache on paper, H4.7 x W4.7 inches.

Gaillardia (2012), gouache on paper, H4.7 x W4.7 inches.