Kelby Drew Chapel is an ongoing series of artworks, performances and related material attributed to fictional character Kelby Drew Chapel, often presented in collaboration with singer-songwriter Leah Abramson (as Fern Suncloud). The year is always 1973 and the duo is always "passing through" after several years on the road. The project uses humour, found/created artifacts and song to address the conventions and inconsistencies of cultural narrative and music mythology. During "impromptu" concerts in various locations, often from the rear doors of a 1966 Ford Econoline van, Fern & Kelby engage audience members in conversation, pass around iconic snacks, and sing familiar tunes from the 60’s and early 70’s.

Images: Lucien Durey, Ruby Lee and the Visions (detail), 2010, inkjet prints, mirror, thumbtacks, house paint, H30 x W27.5 inches.

Lucien Durey, Sitting An’ Thinking, 2010, posters, paint, thumbtacks, blankets, throw pillows, glass jars, incense, matches, paper wasp nest, Sapsucker feathers, sand, pull tabs, seashells, dimensions variable.

Money Can’t Save Your Soul, 2010 Driftwood, leather, paint, darning thread, seal jaw bone, seal rib, Miracle Whip lid, Schmidt Beer geese, pressed coins, glass buttons, wood beads, cufflink, trinkets, H48 x W30 inches.

Leah Abramson and Lucien Durey, poster from Sunday Songs, 2011, performance.

Leah Abramson and Lucien Durey, Going Up The Country, 2010, performance installation, dimensions variable. Documentation by Sheng Ho.