More Stuff/Less Space

Mr. Lee's Shed
828 Keefer St.
Enter through back alley.

Mar 2-3, 2018

Les Ramsay
Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill
Nicole Levaque
Lucien Durey
Brennan Kelly
Meichen Waxer

Presented by Alex Tedlie-Stursberg

"MICRO-WAVE presents 6 artists who employ found objects to explore material meaning, amalgamating various pieces of our world to create works that challenge monumentality, dissect the economics of space, and ponder mass consumption. Echoing the conditions that urbanization has produced, this exhibition will be presented in a dilapidated East Vancouver garage where an ad-hoc spatial makeup composed from found building materials serves to underscore these artists' works." -Alex Tedlie-Stursberg

Documentation by Gabrielle L'Hirondelle Hill and Alex Tedlie-Stursberg:

Lucien Durey, Wolseley, shelf, pills, found objects, lamp.

Lucien Durey, Pasadena, shelf, c-print, found objects, lamp.