"Occupied by retro lamps and vintage furniture, Parlor (2018) comprises a dimly lit living room punctuated by objects of particular significance for Durey: a shabby pillow, a crooked lampstand, the faintly green glass of shattered car windows. Like key props on a film set, each is poignantly linked to a dark tale: an abusive relative, a Holocaust survivor, a fatal car crash. Durey — a former choirboy — teases out their latent microhistories through a series of musical compositions to be sung at a special performance during the exhibition." —Zoë Chan for Burrard Arts Foundation

Documentation by Dennis Ha:

Installation views of Parlor (2018)
Door, glass, resin, steel, lamps, pillow, extension cord, wall plate.

Documentation by C. Boelman:

Excerpts from Parlor (2018)
Performance, 8 mins.