Lucien Durey: Phenomenal Hosts
Neutral Ground, Regina

April 7th – May 19, 2018
Opening Reception: Saturday April 7th 7-9pm

An exhibition of sculpture, painting and assemblage, created through a process of intimate investigation in the home of the artist’s mother and stepfather in Regina. Making use of formal strategies developed through recent studio practice, Durey will work within the self-imposed limitations of a designated space to create this site-specific and performative work. Phenomenal Hosts will exhibit Durey’s playful approach to Saskatchewan-specific content while highlighting the under-acknowledged familial network of support vital to artistic production.

Lucien Durey, McIntosh (2018), unfixed collage, H10 x W8 inches.
Lucien Durey, Artice (2018), unfixed collage, H10 x W8 inches.
Lucien Durey, Alcatraz (2018), unfixed collage, H7.5 x W9.5 inches.