November 22 to January 12, 2019
Terence Gower and Lucien Durey
Monte Clark Gallery

Performance by Lucien Durey: Thursday November 22, 6:30pm.

TWO ROOMS presents parallel solo exhibitions by Terence Gower and Lucien Durey. Both artists are interested in the impact of our built environment, exploring how it shapes our world. In the first gallery of each exhibition are research-based projects that look at the physical world. The works in the second galleries turn within with projects that are developed exploring the subconscious.

Terence Gower's practice is focused on an exploration of progressive models, largely architectural, within postwar modernism and results in works that often repurpose 20th century art history — its forms and its failures. This exhibition includes a new suite of prints, produced at Malaspina Printmakers, exploring architect Victor Gruen's masterplan for Tehran. This fine print portfolio is accompanied by a monumental mural of abstract polygons which interlace shapes drawn from Gruen's regulating civic plans for Fort Worth, Texas, and Tehran. These works have been made with pigments sourced from Tehran Bazaar, mirroring the inspiration and subsequent cultural interchange inherent in Gruen's plan. The second body of work features a sculptural series of weed veneer Guitarras, made by master craftsmen in Mexico City, whose forms were drawn from the artist's engagement with Freudian free association and were produced in dialogue with Iranian psychoanalyst Gohar Homanyounpour.

The upstairs galleries present recent work by Lucien Durey who engages his personal history by accumulating diaristic evidence through various found objects. Durey's sculptures seek to amplify what experiences these personal possessions hold, cataloguing them in constellations of associations to consider how they operate in our daily lives. Durey works through his quotidian landscape to speak to our common material consumption, looking for possible fissures within these cycles of desire. The first gallery presents mobiles and monochromes composed of found glass, arranged in aesthetic form to amplify their origins, drawing narratives from their shattered bodies. The second gallery features a surrealist assortment of sculptural manifestations which evolve these objects into uncanny expressions of humanity.

Image 1-13: Installation views of TWO ROOMS courtesy Chris Rollett / Monte Clark Gallery